Microblading is one of the most popular semi-permanent makeup treatments for eyebrows. Unlike other treatments, microblading is done manually and undergoes a process of inserting pigments into the layers of the skin. The procedure is minimally invasive and helps achieve fine, hair-like strokes, which blend with the existing brow hair to give a groomed appearance. We will initially map out your face to study the shape of the brows. We then proceed to design new brows for your particular features. Finally, a microblading pen is used to draw individual strokes on the brows. These strokes are drawn accurately to blend in with the brow hair to give a voluminous and defined eyebrow look. The hair stroke designs are the signature moves in this eyebrow treatment.


This treatment is ideal for those wanting a soft-shaded, pencil look. It does not exhibit a dark, dramatic brow colour but instead gives a naturally shaded look to the eyebrow. It is a good fit for those who want groomed eyebrows minus the bulky appearance. In this eyebrow treatment, We use Ombre shading to give the brows a voluminous, neat look. The treatment is customized for each person based on facial symmetry and hair colour. In this technique, thousands of tiny dots of pigment are applied onto the skin, and this helps to develop the colour to provide a powdered look. As the name suggests, we aim to achieve an Ombre brow, and for this purpose, the shading is done gradually, with the eyebrow darker at the arch.


This is the combination of microblading and ombre powder. These brows will have hair strokes towards the front of the brows to mimic the hair strokes and powder brows towards the middle & tail of the brow. This technique is in high demand. This technique is also not for clients with excessively oily skin around their brows as they will eventually look bulking from the pigment bleeding out and create a bold-looking front rather than a soft ombre brow.


Natural Combination Natural Combination brows are characterized by feathered hair strokes while shading in any gaps in your brows for a fuller natural look, this is what creates the added definition that’s not so prominent in microbladed brows. This could be for people who like to change the shape of their brows and need to fill in gaps to make them look natural without harsh strokes or empty gaps.


All new appointments include a consultation. Attend a ‘Consultation Only’ appointment in person. We will undergo a test patch to makesure you are not allergic to the pigment or the numbing cream. This option is only necessary if you have existing cosmetic tattoos, first customer or if you want to learn more before booking a treatment.


Permanent makeup for eyebrows lasts 1-2 years, depending on the treatment and skin type

1.5 – 2hrs

After 6-8 Weeks of Appointment 


For new clients, Please message us with your pictures before booking your appointment.