At London Masters Hands Clinic, we offer Radiofrequency Skin Tightening treatment leading alternatives to tone and tighten skin without the need for invasive surgery, exclusively designed for sculpting the body.

Radiofrequency laser is a non-invasive, safe and almost no pain procedure that uses a device that heats the deeper layer of skin (dermis) triggering the body’s natural healing response. This results in the production of more collagen. This ultimately causes the treated area of skin to tighten. It stimulate collagen growth, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. The efficacy of this procedure is very high for body contouring and skin tightening. Radiofrequency Laser is an also ideal treatment for cellulite, stretch marks and scars reduction, body contouring, and skin rejuvenation.

Radio-Frequency Benefits

There are so many benefits that an Radiofrequency treatment can give you:

· Wrinkles and fine lines improvement
· Lower face fat can be an issue for many women, and one of the treatments that can provide great slimming is RF therapy.
· It is one of the best ways to fight sun damage. When you expose your skin to UV sun rays, they can break down collagen found in your skin. With RF therapy, you can stimulate new collagen growth and skin rejuvenation.
· By boosting collagen growth, you will tighten loose skin and get the face and body shape you desire.
· improve your face elasticity and create a slimmer face contour.
· RF therapy is well known for increasing hyaluronic acid, a natural moisture skin barrier. Rising levels of this skin component will make you look younger, while redness and wrinkles will start fading away.

At London Masters Hands Clinic, we offer a skin tightening Radio-Frequency Treatment that can make your skin look younger. We target your hands, neck, and decolletage, body parts, all kinds of stretch marks, even those caused by pregnancy, and provide scar improvement.

What steps are involved in the treatment?

· An Amino Acid Peptides based cleanser to deep cleanse your skin and boost collagen, will be used.
· Specialist Collagen Gel Mask will be applied to the skin.
· The Radio Frequency treatment will be carried out.
· The treatment is finished off with SPF Moisturiser.

When will I notice results?
After just 1 Radio Frequency treatment you will instantly notice the benefits of this treatment. Your skin will be tighter, glowing, and rejuvenated.

How many treatments will I need?
We recommended a course of 4-6 treatments; 1 treatment every 2-3 weeks to prolong your results and ensure the skin remains tight, healthy, and rejuve-nated. Maintenance every 3-4 month


 45 Minutes 




You will see improvement after just 1 treatment. Individual results may vary.




Acne / Pigmentation/ Fine Lines / Large Pores


Face & Body